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Annouk Van Moorsel"Fantastisch initiatief Grégoire!"
Sue Zwit Frantzen"Thank you Greg. I love your style. I think its a great way to spread the world of ta to everyone even those in areas that have noone else to dance with... Best wishes !"
Darci Meyer Campbell"This is fantastic. I was just thinking the other day that I need some new material for my tap class. Perfect timing! (Pun intended!) Thank you!!"
Kat Hunter"Hi Gregoire. I am impressed with the amount of information, videos and music available, all delivered in a very professional way. You must be very proud of what you have achieved. It is a fantastic repository. Well done. Kath x"
Erica Ery Bellel "Hello Grégoire, I’m happy : I liked very much your videos !"
Chris J. Lee ."Thank you ! I love the way you tap dancing. So neat !"
Ingrid Marroquin "Thank you, I love your videos ! I am a beginning tap dancer, so they really help !!"
A Jorge Revuelta ."My wonderful cyber teacher !!! Thanks one more time."
Beverly Jayne Littlewood "The beauty in simplicity !"
Pascale Flamant "Merci ! C’est un très bon outil ! Bravo !"
Ginger Roberts "On a personal note, I am 79 years old and have been tap dancing since I was five and entertained on a USA troupe for several years. I still teach and have a small performance troupe. To say I love tap is an understatement ! Thank you for your time. Additionally, I will private message my tap dance friends ... I know they will appreciate your talent. Ginger. "
Kristiana Jurgenson "Thank You so much for the information. I think, that these videos are very interesting and learning new steps is amazing. Thanks a lot."
Luka Vodlan "Hi…great work. Thank you and keep on this very nice project. ☺"
Marcia Morais "Oi Grégoire boa noite fiquei super iper feliz com sua atençao nao sou sapateadora mas minha filha sim Vanessa e AMO sapateado fico assistindo seus filmes prestando atençao em seus pés Que Deus te abençoe todos os dias e aos seus pés!!!"
Margaret Casey "Thank you Grégoire – Living the passion – thru YOU !"
Mariangela Salichou "Thank you very much !!! You’ve done an amazing work !! :-D :-D :-D"
Mary Louise Eller "This is so interesting & FUN too !! Watch & enjoy my friends !!"
Terry Eastwood Smith "Very clean !! Great step. Never had this before. Thanks !"
Marchina Sapateado "Yes ! I love it ! Congratulation !!!"
Flore Claquettes"Génial, merci, on a super bien bossé ce soir avec le bojangles ;-) c’était cool, à+ Merci"
Licia Tirapelle "Awesome !"
Bob Lippi "Thanks for the Timestep, Gregoire. Our group is playing around with different timesteps and now, we have another one to work on."
Flore Claquettes ."Parfait Greg, enchantée de faire ta connaissance. On va travailler en début de cours les « pas du dimanche » et on te montrera le résultat ! Merci pour ton travail ! Véronique"
Jacky Calian "Super travail Grégoire. Félicitations."
Josiane De Backer "Essayez, c’est passionnant"
Judy Ann Bassing"Nice clean tap work, thank you."
Frédérique Auger "Great !!! I’m going to be able to practice at home !! Thanks !"
Maureen Morison "LOVE this ! Thanks SO SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!"
Tamara Pearson "This is great thanks – I have shared this with my page Dance Community NZ – cheers Tamara"
Traci Mann "I like the style … much different from NYC ! Keep it going !!!"
Sofia Dietmann "Very nice work, impressive !"
Walter Freeman "I love your style Grégoire."
Shiggi Pakter "Love you work."
Jane Warner "Thank you, always good to have new ideas."
Bia Andrade "Thanks for the video ! I loved it !"
Puri Penin Gonzalez "Vamos !!"
Sarah Petronio "Good teacher – Go Gregg !!"
Tap Ane-One ."Comme les autres, très clair et il n’y a plus qu’à … Merci beaucoup"
Marianne Vanderveeren"Chapeau Grégoire : ton idée est merveilleuse ! "
Yvonne ."Félicitations, Grégoire. Avec le TAPDANCEWORLD.COM tu as créé quelque chose de vraiment extraordinaire. J’ai pris le temps aujourd’hui d’y surfer : génial !"
Liliane Michaelson"C’est tout simplement génial : les pas, l’écriture et les rythmes ! Quel boulot ! Merci !"
Bernadette Malter "Je viens de surfer sur le site… Au delà du côté pédagogique, artistique et pratique … je pense au très grand travail de mémoire et de notation accompli depuis des années…. Et aux nombreuses heures de travail pour la mise en ligne…Bravo !!! Au vu de cet outil si complet, on n’a qu’un regret, c’est d’avoir si peu de temps dans notre vie professionnelle tellement chargée … pour se perfectionner en claquettes. "
Dorothée de Séjournet"GENIAL – Merci beaucoup ☺ Votre site et les cours filmés, sont SUPER bien faits, hyper clair !"
Blanquita Yanes Valido" Wel done dear ! I love tap dance. This world will belong to me for all life. I enjoy each minute when I can see something concerning tap dance. God bless you !"
Jeanine Vermeir"Super le site … une mine d’or ☺ A bientôt , Jeanine."
Elisa Isnardi"Complimenti !!!"
Ceci Gutiérrez Rodriguez"Thank you Gregorioooo !! And thanks for your helpful videos."
Bea M Astrid"Fantastic !!! :-D"
Dryelle Almeida"Hello, I’m so happy cause u add me here. I follow your fanpage and your videos are so nice and I use to my classes ! Tks kisses !"
Ginger Roberts"I’ve got you beat, Karen—I have 74 years of tap dancing under my belt and love it to my core. Grégoire Vandersmissen has all my support for his wonderful program !"